iMessage vs WhatsApps

This iMessage I don't know should I laugh or shall I cry..... It took me one hours to think how to work with the iPhone and iPad. I have to go google it and look for the info see how to send message using the iPad. Finally I got it. Just sign up and use the apple account and you need to sync your contact in your Macbook and then this and then that... bla bla bla... If you are not a Holy Apple Kaki I tell you... is not easy to activate it man.....
iPhone I use my apple account, iPad I use my wife account but once I sent message from my iPhone to iPad my wife iPhone also received...... Jialat lah!!! 
Guys I'm a holy apple kaki I don't know how to say about this... Got good also got bad too but if you not like gila as us one I suggest you just stick to your WhatsApps lagi better.... Understand!!!!!!