I Don't Think So

Ayam, Kambing, Babi, Kerbau, Lembu mana ada Binatang Kanan..... Apa lagi Tikus and Biawak!!!
Seriously what do you know about Animals Right?  I'm sure many of you cannot give me the correct answer unless you are a school high high one Lawyer lah. So far I only know Animal Rights is for those animals which Human being love and live together one like Cat, Dog, Horse etc...
If you see a person beating a cat or dog till die then he kana saman or jail but do the same thing to a mouse then is Ok... Chicken you kill and eat sure lagi no problem. 

Dolphin also an animal same as like dog as mammal too.... every year 23 thousand kana kill at Japan Taijii.  Elephants, Rhinoceros kana kill in every year in Africa. 
Luckily my brothers harimau now kana protected if not also extinct one.
So what is Animal Rights? Don't have Left where got Right? Go for the Animal Lefts first then come for Rights lah!!!
This question really make me blur blur.... Which one is right which one is wrong? What animal have animal rights what animal don't have? Double standard ka ani????