Free Fare For Life

Have you ever heard that if a baby born in the airplane then the baby can get free ticket to travel for the whole life? I heard that a lot but never see or meet this is real or not!
Some say not only for the airplane but also for train, boat or even taxi or bus...
Don't know why and how this happen... maybe is because they feel that is lucky to have a baby born in their transportation? 
Today my baby still not yet born so I bring my wife go the last baby shopping. We went to the Mother Care... suddenly I come out a question and ask my wife. What if my baby born here at their shop.... I wonder the owner would give my baby free toys, baju, free this free that for until my baby no more as a baby oh!!!!! Wah if they also same follow like the Airline like that..... wah you see everyday many pregnant woman lepak out side their shop... feel got contraction just run inside the shop!!!

If some restaurant or shop also got like this.... siok man!!!! Born in the C.H.M.S school.... free school fees. Born in the Pondok Sari Wangi makan. Born in the Empire Hotel... free check in. Born in Mr. Baker's shop... free birthday cake rest of the life... Awesome lah!!!!