Hai Ya..... Lucky I Got Check!!!!

Jialat....... long time no happen like this man. Why suddenly today it happen to me!!!
Luckily I got routine check my spare tyre air pressure behind the boot if not don't know what worst thing again happen to me!!!
This happen at my friend Rizan Latif house after our Blue Flag meeting. Don't know when and where I kana one but anyway lucky this is not happen at some way the highway. 
It took me less than 5 minutes to change the tyre thanks to the skill that I learn from when I young young the time like to borrow and change sport rims from my friends.

Change too fast already and got a bit exhausted.... not fast fix as last time liao man!!!

After changing the spare tyre drove to SHH CO and check. This is the this masuk inside my tyre!!!

Can't believe glasses also can poncit my tyre!!!