Api Lagi!!!!

Last month fire broke out at The Mall food court one of the store's kitchen then today is Kimchi at the Regent Square. Me, Mr Baker and Pondok Sari Wangi went there to see see look look. We reach there before the Bomba arrieved... Why we all so fast? because we having lunch with the owner of Deseo od coz fast lah!! Deseo just on top of the Kimchi and lucky no one get hurt and other shop next to it also safe no kana burn.. 
How it happen? According to eyewitness is say the fire start from the Kimchi second floor kitchen could be the gas cylinder leaking and cause fire loh.... 
When I reach there I also can smell some gas too... This gas thing really don't play play must check regularly see if safe or not! But apa saja lah let the Bomba check see what it the reason cause fire lah!!

Gas cylinder are removed outside and the Firefighter going in checking now!!!

Everyone out from the building

Hey lady.... do you have the footage that I can borrow????