2nd Party Insurance

Recently one of my friend called me up said he caught in an accident and need my help. So I rush to the crime scene to see what's happening lah. God bless luckily no one get hurt in the accident.... car rosak can repair but not the person lah right!!! 
My friend told me is because the purple bus just all of sudden stop and without warning... so the front car hint the bus butt and my friend follow to kiss the front car lo....

I'm not trying to tell the story how my friend caught in the accident and who's right who's wrong about it lah... I just all of sudden got a question after my friend talk in the phone with his wife regarding about the insurance thing bah!
Why we always heard people said their car covered by 1st Party Insurance and 3rd Party Insurance but never heard people telling you there is 2nd Party of Insurance one leh?????
True kan??? You never heard people or friends telling you they buy 2nd Party Insurance one kan???
They have 1st and 3rd party but why no 2nd one???
I think think think is true never see people buy that.... and wondering that we have it or not!!!!
Then I go google search see got this 2nd Party Insurance or not lah....
Yes is have it.... But only for bus, taxi or truck which got carrying passenger one lah.... see HERE
But I'm not sure here got it or not or same like other country one lah!!
If you know about 2nd Party Insurance thing... please share with me thanks!!!