2nd Baby Coming Soon

Today bring my wife to Ripas for the check up. After the check up the doctor say have to stay back and double check for the some more... Then during the conversation the doctor said because my wife got high sugar history during our 1st baby so this time the doctor don't want the second baby over 39 weeks. 
So they put my wife to the ward for double check every things like blood sugar level, baby's heart beat bla bla bla.. At first we thought that they going to admit my wife and induce  one... after the 4 hours check here and check there then they told we can go home and come back on Saturday.... if still no sign of contraction then Saturday have to WAKE UP call the baby liao!!!
I understand and a lot of woman said induce is very pain one... hopefully this few day my baby can use the auto mode to come out sendiri lah. 
Now I have to get ready the every 2 hours milk feeding sudah. Malam is the best time to do one... Sleep...... Milk......Sleep..... Milk...... 
None stop for the coming 3 to 4 months.... I miss the no enough sleep feeling taking care anak!!!
I did one time making milk for my 1st baby at the mid night, accidently pour the warm milk on the Astro receiver, the whole set come out smoke and smell yummy with the milk.. then the next time day go buy another new set Astro receiver cost me $150.00 T.T 
So guys sorry for could be not much up date my blog this coming week lah. I know I'm gonna miss out some event happen in Brunei like the ICC punya event. So wish us luck to have a healthy beautiful baby !!!