Who Is Still Using It.... You Kah Bruther?

OMG.... this hair cream I almost gonna forget the name in my brain. Kalau if I'm not comments my friend's facebook I don't think I remember got this hair cream in this world. I saying "Me clean clean like Brylcreem" in Giap On status after that I went to search Brylcreem in Google and found out this product still alive. They now got selling their cream online and lots of different type. 
Now them I know this hair cream is first from UK, Brimingham and start from 1928.. don't play play this cream we used to use it everyday before went to school... and because of the 周潤發-Chow Yun Fatt movie the The God of Gambling  so that time we also follow like him the "Go Chun's Head" or "Mark Ko Head"

But the bad thing about this hair cream is when you use it you cannot sweating. If you sweating you can see the sweat come use white color dripping from your forehead and sideburn look very awful and not cool at all....... hahahah now I imagine the stupid look of what I had that time!!! LOL
Very Jialat one you know... that time our classroom don't have aircon and Brunei everyday also a hot day you tell me how to not sweating Burther?? So we allo sure have tissue under our drawer there. think back it really sound stupid with the hair style.

Wanna check out Brylcreem website click here.