We Have This Here Before

Do you still remember that last time we also have this brand here in Brunei? But don't know what's is the reason they closed down.... I guess is because of no business or what so whatever lah. Maybe is because they opened not in the right time, doesn't suitable the people taste during that year....
But this also very hard to say one... like the Dome at the mall one also didn't survive long... Sayang lah!!!
I really don't know why the international brand are so hard to surviving in Brunei here... If you say the population here are less; inda jua coz you see those local fast food or McD, KFC, SugerBun, Jolibee, Pizza Hut, Coffee Bean still haven't died wat!!! Why some of them are so unlucky one????
Back to my years I really like to have A&W especially their Root Beer....mmm yumyum. FYI they are open at the Gadong Counterpoint. If I'm not wrong is open at the Coffee Zone now there last time. 
Now let's review the rest....

A&W Root Beer.... The only I love which never making me drunk no matter how many I drink......
But sure kana Diabetes if drink a lot lah!!!

Long time no eating their burger sudah.... not only can makan it when oversea!!

Kenny Roger..... still remember or not??? Open at the Kiulap next to the AV apple reseller there...
I had try their food couple of time... But still they couldn't survive in Brunei!!! Can't remember how long they open until close... but macam not so long there!!! Sayang... sayang....

This one sure many of you don't know they use to have here in Brunei... I have ask many of my friends. most of them don't even know they had open here before!!!
Grandy's is opened at early 90's some where Kg Bunut there just behind few block of National Inn Emporium. I love their cinnamon roll.... nyaman lah!!! Oh ya.. their chicken also not bad during that time!!!

This one everyone also know where to eat at Miri lah right!!!  Funny to see many Bruneian like to eat this at the Miri Parkson Mall. Dulu we have this at Yayasan don't see people makan there... now have to go down Miri and Makan there!!!

DOME........ now become history!!!! Would they reopen again???

Anyway.... the pass it the pass lah. Now I hope to see more international brand food and shop open here in Brunei.... I wish list is here.... 1st is


Burger King

and last but not least the Subway.......
They all are my favorite. Every time if travel when I see them sure masuk one!!!  

Oh yah... one more already kana closed down one.... Dixy Chicken at the mall 3rd floor next to the Uni Arcade.