Today I Learned New Words

Bystander Effect
You know what is that??? Don't know kah?? I also don't know what is that mean but after I watched the video then I aga-aga know what that's mean lah but I don't know how to explain lah.
Is something like "You Do I Do..You Don't I Don't Do Also...."
This think I guess mostly is happen in those big country lah... In Brunei I don't see we have this problem. Maybe have but not that jialat lah I think.....
I can see we people here are very nice and like to help one.... just talk about the car accident is enough liao... A simple car accident also can make a whole highway people in the car to slow down at watch see got anything to help or not... If is a big accident walau eh.... the whole kampong come out and tolong liao! Seriously this is good you know... curiosity some time can save a life too. Not like in other country one you want the people help you like in Brunei one car rosak on the road side waiting for help.... slowly wait lah you...until next morning also don't know got or not!!! 
Here you see a lady tyre pomcit at highway road side don't know how to chance not need to call help an Apek also come willing to help!!! 

Watch this 2 video.. see what is Bystander Effect mean.....