Rain No Moon

Boring........... I thought I can go to the Bandar Chinese temple there and take some photo like the chinese opera drama and lantern. Sekali baru start makan dinner the sky also start rain too. Turn out the whole night we just sit in front the Tv. The whole night none stop rain.... Sampai 12am still raining. So this year we can't play lantern with my girls and see moon with my sayang.... Boring lah!!!
What to do??? have to wait for next year sudah loh!!!

You see ah... as chinese old people say one... on the 1st or 15th day of the month if that day got raining then in the coming days also follow rain too. Last night is Chinese calender 15th of August a.k.a Mid Autumn Festival also known as Moon Cake Festival. You see ah is raining day kan!!! so lets follow see the coming day got rain or not!!! There is couple of time is quite accuracy but don't know this time see cun or not lah!!!