Panas Oi..... Panas!!!!

Cannot tahan lah this 2 days the hot air!!! After I use my mother in law car when down to Sungai Liang for the Durina hunting on my way back to Bandar the aircon started not so cool liao!!! Then yesterday lagi worst langsong not cool at all so I send it to my friend's aircon workshop at Warisan complex there and fix.... Once I heard they say that the compressor not working then I start to know this is really Jialat liao!!! Simply touch touch also need few hundred dollars tu!!! 
So this morning I send it there again coz yesterday is too late not enough time to fix so today continue to see how was it!!! 
Luckily it wasn't that bad lah..... Just do some touch touch here and touch touch there... change gas, change filter, clean the cooling coil and fix the compressor wiring...etc and only charge me $120.00.
Now don't play play...Toyota aircon is really good one... now in the hot afternoon I come out from the car my glasses also turn blur-blur....
Why ah..... Why Toyota's aircon so cold one ah??? Dari dulu dulu already like that... Even other Japanese brand car or Europe car also step aside....
Toyota aircon really tak boleh challenge with them!!!