Do you still remember I posted this Durian 2011? Don't remember click it and see please! 
After 4 weeks now can makan liao. Today I went down to the kampong and collect... Not really much lah but also not too bad. Together got 8 durians but too bad some kana eat by the squirrels!!!!
 How's the taste?? Don't play play... if not good do you think the squirrels want to eat meh!!!!!
Of coz is good lah but maybe is because this few day hari hari raining and cause the durian taste wet wet like that... but Ok one lah I like it like that so I can make my Tiger.Lim™Durian Toast click see.
I opened it all and keep in the container and put in the fridge so whenever I want to eat also can.
Now my hand and fingers still have the durian smell walaupun washed my hand.... nyaman lah really bau skali!!! If a person never try eat durian better don't try this one... coz is really sting man!!!

Simply pick one also got 3 kilo!!!! Don't play play man!!!! 

No room to keep the durian and this is the best way to do so!!!