My Trip Hua Hin

I got a Thai Girl sit beside me on the way to Bangkok. Overall can say is not bad lah this trip walaupun I have to work on my birthday. I just think that is my birthday present loh... free trip to Thailand why not!!!

The first thing I do when landed at the Suvarnabhumi Airport is looking for this. Charging two cans of Thai beer first to chill me up then take 3 hours car trip from Bangkok to Hua Hin. 
Don't play play... 3 hours sit in the car got nothing to do you know is very boring one o.. Some howon the way to Hua Hin the view only have padi, flat land and  cars saja you know that is very boring one right. If nothing to chill up really boring in the car one.
But once we reach to Hua Hin things is turning different liao... The places very nice and clean, unlike at the Bangkok or Pattaya are so crowded and busy. The air there also better then Bangkok a lot, no wonder the Thai king like to staying there lah.

The venue where I do is at Hyatt Regency Hua Hin. Luckily the ballroom wasn't that big so we have less job to do but still have to work until morning 2am. The next morning I still got time to go around and see see look look the hotel. 
Luckily I got chance to visit see see look look the town. I went to a old market with my Thai friend for buying some gift as the organizer wanted. I found that even the market also clean and I don't see any flies around that area it really surprise me. 
Hua Hin is a nice place to visit for a small family lah but less entreatment loh... not like in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya macam-macam pun ada! 
I hope I can more visit Thailand other place like Ching Mai or Ching Rai see how is the place look like.

Steady kan..... not bumper like this still can pakai can pick up customer!!! 

He is my Thai friend Wuth Sriburin using his Toyata Innova to pick us up at the airport and drive us all the way from Bangkok to Hua Hin and balik Bangkok again. I don't understand why Thai people are so tahan driving one.... they can drive hundred miles and no sleep one, If kalau us in Brunei to Miri half way back to Brunei already feel sleep in the car.
I like their Toyota Innova lah... is petrol version come with back seat LCD monitor and touch screen GPS bluetooth handfree...siok lah less than 40k, how come we don't have this one in Brunei one oh!

If I'm not wrong is about B$1.50 per liter for ron97 there in Thailand. so can you imagine that so cheap is our fuel here yet some people don't appreciate that and wanted smuggling out to the neighbor country.   

see see see no helmet still can ride about 80km... steady lah!!!

Don't play play.... salt field also got wind turbine one also!!!!
Really green yo!!!

When see this that mean entering into Hua Hin now!!!

Inside is where the Thai King stay.... Don't play play every few meter got army holding M16 standing standby one.

This is how it look like with the streets.

Visiting the one of the oldest market in town.

 I really no see fly over place.... see they just selling foods like that no cover it up one!!!

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