My Stunt Kite

I don't tell you you also don't know.... Don't play play ah... I been keep this stunt kite almost got 15 years already... and I think I got 13 years didn't play with it liao!!! I bought it at atas Mabohai SupaSave that time there is a shop selling all this kind of Stunt Kite one I still remember that guys name Jeffery... Me put long time no see him sudah don't know where is he now... maybe still got in Brunei lah!!! 
Hey..... that time this kind of toy not cheap you know! All original come from USA one it cost me $300.00 just for this.... you think like now meh..... all fromt Made In China one!!!

That time I play this is at the open field land which is now the Kampong Rimba there, Right in front the Sultan Flight there!!! During that time asa see got wind I never miss one!!! Some time I every went to Serasa now the Brunei Cement there and play!!!!
I also don't know what mood all of sudden I took this out and feel like want to play it again. Then yesterday I hear the radio said in Philippine got typhoon sooner we Brunei here got 60km wind speed around. So I hope I still know how to play this thing lah!! But the problem is I don't see where can I fly this thing again. It need an open field at least got football field that big then I can play!!! Strictly no trees at all!!! I don't think Pantai Jerudong or Tungku can play anymore..... Maybe Meragang Beach still can play if low tide!!!!

After so many year of revolution with the stunt kite and now stunt kite can play in many directions liao. Can reverse control, backflip, front flip and many more stunt trick..... Not like us last time only have Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle and Stay!!! See the video the stunt kite 2011 one below!!!


Have you ever see kite can dance also????? Watch this!!!!