My Next Trip

Have you ever heard about this place Hua Hin? I guess not really much people had heard this right!
Either me too. I got a job doing there at this coming Monday. So Monday I'm start flying off to Bangkok and then take a 4 hours drive to reach there and back to Brunei on Thursday! So during the four day maybe I no time to update my blog.

So alang-alang I take this opportunity and tell you a little bit of this Hua Hin lah.
This is my first time I visit there and the info I know also get it from internet one.
What so famous about this place ka? I guess is the beach loh, although Hua Hin are not famous as like Phuket or Pattaya but it is one of the oldest beach in Thailand. Hua Hin is more quiet place and is not as busy as like other place Thailand and that is why the King like to stay there....

So I hope I gonna have a nice trip there and everything goes smooth-smooth lah and take many nice photo.