Jialat Lah This Accident

Jialat is not of how bad is the accident or how the truck palanting.... 
Is because of this accident cause the traffic jam so bad. Not only the line from Tungku Link to Jerudong jam saja. From Jerudong to Tungku Beach there also jam until miles and miles long man..... Apa lagi people like to busy body and see see look look lah. I been stuck in the jam for nearly 2 hours on the road man. Normally I just need spend 40 minutes to send my wife to work and balik rumah one but today is my longest time I ever have going back home.... I guess more then 2 thousand people late to work lah today.... Hey Bruther please lah because of you careless and cause so many people in troblem... Raining day not need to rush one bah right!!!!