I Wanna Eat Thai Foods

This is called Kaw-Pud-Kra-Praw with Kai-Daw(ข้าวผัดกระเพราหมูสับ+ไข่ดา

ว) mean Fried basil leaf pork rice + fried egg. This is the must food we always eat there during our set up or show time... I don't know why we always have to eat this.. maybe is because the Thai people there like to eat. We just follow eat what they tapao one.... but most the food they tapao is hot and spicy so because of the no choice we also follow makan lah.. although is hot but after few meals we started used to it!!!
Now I balik Brunei also got 2 weeks liao and now I started to miss they foods... The Thai Kolo mee "Ba Mee Heng" and this Kaw Pud Kra Praw... 
So that day one of my friend told me at the batu satu seri complex the one restaurant sell kolomee one got serve this so I went to try lah..... but I came back home with disappointed. It look alike but taste is totally different at all..... one the fried egg is same taste!!! I don't know why it so hard to find this in Brunei... In Thailand it just like a Nasi Katok... every way also have sell on the road side some more!!!

Seriously the Thai food if you dare to eat saja try the road side one.... simply simple Chicken Rice also can make you high high and steam steam one!!!!
If you worry get food poison then you better don't try lah but I tell you.. you never know what is the real Thai food there!!!

The real one Kaw-Pud-Kra-Praw with Kai-Daw I makan at Thailand. Don't play play... fried with samll chili one... Every time after I makan it the next day sure burn my hole in the toilet one!!!

Got see it or not??? Thai Kolomee also got franchise one.....

But too bad the noodles just little bit only.... every time have to eat two bowls.

My favorite food from the 7-11. This can safe your life in the middle of the night!!!