I Wanna Eat Thai Foods Part 2

I still searching for the Thai food that day I eat at Thailand one... This time I went to try the on at KB. My mother told me there is one Thai food open at beside the river one very nice and is Halal one...cooked by an Thai Muslim lady!!!!  So on our way back home from Miri last Wednesday we went there makan. I order the basil leaf chicken rice+egg+extra chilli... nice not bad but still is not the one I had in Thailand. Although the taste is not the same as I had in Thailand but still this Thai foods serve here is good also... Not only good but also the price no expensive too. We had order 4 dishes only cost $18.00. Next time is you go KB can drop by and try it there.... Where is it? Is the new park located at the KB river side there. Is very easy to find one lah just in front the New Blue Market saja....
This place really not bad you know.. got play ground and toilet and food court and the river view lawa skali lah!!!!
The food court also got other food like ayam penyet, I don't know nice or not lah but I see people go there makan that!!!