I Bought A Lens @MBK

Guess how much I pay for this lens???

I bought this lens at one of the shop at MBK. You won't expected how much I paid for it. I only paid for B$102.00 for it. Yeah.... cheap right??? I sure you wondering where, which shop can have this cheap price right!!! Frankly tell you I trade in my second hand 18-200mm to them for this Tokina. Yeah maybe you think my Nokia 18-200mm VR is better and expensive then this Tokina. But I still think is worth it coz my 18-200mm I bought it second hand one about $700.00. After one year I use the VR is out of order, focusing is slow, hook is gone and loose with gear. basically is only can use but not as good as a new one. Some how I also got a 80-200mm f2.8 better than 18-200mm a lot. Actually I want to get a Tokina 11-16mm long time already but I try many time borrow from friend but still is not the image I want. I think this 12-24mm is all I need although is not F2.8 still I like it a lot.

Show you some of my 18-200mm compare this 12-24mm picture I took on the MBK
Using Nikon 18mm-200mm

 Using Tokina 12-24mm. See thiis one is better right!!!

This is a good camera shop I think the camera kaki like to take a visit. Is at the ground floor. I got their business card but is written in Thai so I don't know to tell you their address but is really easy to find one. On the ground floor I only see this is almost complete have everything. New or second hands camera and lens also have. Brand macam-macam ada lah. They also have website you can go take a look. I had check their price compare to Brunei one mostly is cheaper 3 to 4 hundred like that lo. 

Here are some of the picture of they shop. Small but complete

Not only buy and sell but also got do repair also.

Bye bye 18-200mm 

After I left MBK I went to test the lens around the city. Took some buildings and streets.... siok lah this lens!!!