I Booking The Black Color One!!!!

I been looking for a 7 seats car for some time liao but still haven't find one which is "Cheap" and "Fresh" and "Big-Big" one!!!! Finally my dream come true... Here are the best choice for me the Chevrolet Orlando 1.8CC+4 cylinder in line DOCH with VVT+7 seats+6 Speed Automatic..... so far I see this is the best and cheapest price compare with other brand car with similar range! I tarus booking the black color one right after the unveil. I though that I fast sudah...sekali I see the booking list I'm the number 15 person who book..... walau eh some people are more faster than me!!! 
28K..... Where to find other car got like price that oh of coz don't compare with the China Car lah!!!