Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

Here are the venue where I do my job in Thailand, Hyatt Regency Hua Hin. What a nice and luxury hotel they have there but if compare with our Empire Hotel still our one a lot more better lah!!!
Of coz we cannot compare them lah coz both hotel are different concept one. One is more like resort and Empire is more high class and elegant.
I kinda little bit disappointed about the beach coz from the sands to the sea only like 30 meters saja.. too short sudah lah. But one things is really good is it all clean..... no plastic bags,rubbish or plastic bottles having suntan on the beaches. Awesome clean man...If our beaches also can like that you say how good oh!!!!
I'm sure you wanted to know what I do over there right. A China tour came over there and having a gala night so I'm doing the sep up and operating the system lah. Why I was hire over there? Simple lah... Orang Cina atu don't know how to speak English or Thai with the Thai people there so how to communicate with them kan? So we are the key take can help them to run the show.. So I' know to speak chinese, a little bit of Thai and Limited Edition's English to communicate with both of the people there. So you understand my work now? Simple kan....Just bluffing also can cari makan sudah!!! hehehehe
 OK now I show you the places there lah...

The garden during day time.

This is how it look like during night time.... Nice right!!! The center one is a water fountain  with four side elephant head come out water from the trunk!!! 

The Lobby.... Is open air one.

That area is swimming pool and got a lot orang putih bini sexy sexy nearly half naked sun bathing there so I didn't using my camera taking picture there.... sorry can't show you the swimming looks like.

Nice right the beach but short lah....

Can rent horse riding too if you want...

Setting up the equitsments

This is how the Hyatt's ballroom looks like. Not so big but also can fit nearly two hundreds people. 

My station and controller......

This is two hours before show time.... Nice or not the lighting? Done by Justin Poh