Cows & Bulls

This called Cow............ Correct????

And this is called Bull........ Correct????

But do you know that this is also called Cows?????????

And this one also called Bulls?????

I'm not kidding....... English is very Jialat one!!! Even a school high high person also don't know this.
A Female Elephant is called Cows..........
A Male Elephant is called Bulls...............
Don't believe me????? Go check in the Google or (here) see what is the answers!!!
English words you eat until old also never finish learning one!!!! Don't say we Cina, Malay or Indian, Indon, Pinoi don't know.... Orang Putih sendiri also don't know wah Bruther!!!! Don't play play!!!!!
Boys and Girls go ask your English teachers see they know or not!!!!!

I know Female Tiger is called Tigress
Female Lion is called Lioness
Female Dog everyone knows is called Bitch.
 Female Dragon we chinese is called Phenix but I don't know what orang putih call lah... But I'm sure is not Dragoness
A Virgin Cow is called Heifer but a cow have anak one is called
Female Pig got anak one is call Sow, Still virgin one is call Gilt
A Female Monkey is still called Monkey doesn't matter got anak or not!!!
A Female Duck and Mouse is called Daisy and Minnie.....hahahaha
No lah I just kidding saja lah.... beside the duck and mouse all are real one. And last thing I want to say is Female Mosquito called Culiseta Longiarelate(wah so long). Only female mosquito suck our bloods male don't suck one......!!!!