Right On Time!!!!

Lucky I ngam ngam watched and give comment there!!! hahahaha. After I finish watch it he really delated it and no more can watch in his Youtube channel any more. Why he have to delate it I not sure lah.... But one thing I'm sure is he kana call by someone from high high or got power one to take it down one lah... That is why I commented his say "This is so not his style leh if remove it!!!" 
But anyway I hope he is fine and nothings gonna happen with him lah.....
I still haven't watch his movie "Nasi Lemak 2.0" but now already got so many wind wind and rain rain.
Last week one of my friend called me say his movie Nasi Lemak 2.0 going to take down and ask where can download his movie..... I heard that also sak-sak.... Just show on the cinema and sekejap kana take down...true or not oh!!! I told him just go the cinema and watch lah why have to susah-susah and download oh!!!!
Then today I saw his short video posted in his youtube channel and he F-Off one of the Malaysia newspaper Utusan then at the bottom he say that " I'm Going to remove this video in 5 minutes..........."
Lucky I ngam-ngam got download it.... this is going to be history lah....heheheheh!!!
I'm not going to upload it coz this is not my video so I don't think I want to post in my youtube channel lah... But still you can watch it HERE or HERE. Someone reposted the video before the real Namewee removed it down!!!
Wah...... Luckily I didn't say something bad about his movie ah.... If not today you watch the video is how he F-Off "TIGERLIM.COM" not the "UTUSAN" newspaper liao ah.....hahahaha!!!! 
See HERE and read what the Utusan write about the Namewee's Nasi Lemak 2.0