Beware At This Area!!!!

Please share this to all your friends and family after you read this. Don't keep this info for yourself only, later they kana sting.... Jialat man!!!! This bees really cannot go play play with them... Is Hornets!!!
It will attack people and animals if come near to their beehive. In Taiwan every year got people die because of kana stunk by this. Please don't park your car under this tree or near this area.... Don't walk under them oh..... remember is you pass by see them close your car window... If open roof or convertible car please don't passing this area is for your own safety lah!! 
This hornets don't collect honey one.... They eat meats. So kill them are not sayang one..
Some Taiwan and China people use them as medicine. 

So where is this place??? This is at the Batu Bersurat there.... Going up hill just next to the Furniture Shop one!!!! 
This beehive have to remove asap..... don't wait until it getting bigger and bigger!!! I see from the Taiwan TV channel some people know how to get them down. Mostly they do in the night time... cover themselves with a net suit and use a big net to cover the hive. Then cut it down and put into a water to kill them....
So guys watch out this area ok...Don't play play!!!!!!