Back Home, Sad News

This news really shock me and freeze me stand at the aircraft door for few seconds. Even the plane take off already I also didn't realize that my seat beat did put on.
Jialat man.... how can it be so careless one... aiyo Kasian lah.. I really no mood after I reading this on my flight back to Brunei. Really feel so sorry to both of their family. 
I was imagine that what if one of the little girl was my daughter. I really couldn't accepted it you know. Every morning happy-happy see her smile and sent her to school but because of someone's careless then never ever can see her anymore. We can't blaming at who's fault is this, the school, teacher or the students when accident happen. Accident = You'll never expected When, Where, Why or How.
I hope the whole Brunei, school, people and all my friends can learn a good lesson from this incidents.
Why I always talk about safety in my blog like This lah, That lah, Ani lah, Atu lah or Here and many more..... Because I always know that safety is very important and all we needed.
Don't play play....... frankly speaking one lah I really don't want to see and hear one day group of bicycle kaki get crash like bowling pins at the any high way. Don't tell me this will never happen Ok, as I say Accident = You'll never expected When, Where, Why or How.