Advance Celebrating Moon Cake Festival

Last Saturday my friend call me up say got BBQ at his house to in conjunction with the one year one time Moon Cake Festival. I had eat many time of BBQ but this time is the best I ever had. Chicken Wings, Hot Dog, Fish Ball all this already out date. My friend's BBQ is really different one. His make his house backyard become look like the old time Kuala Lurah and guess what we had for the BBQ. Home made Fresh Salmon Sashimi, Wagyu a.k.a Marbling Beef, XXL Scallop. 
How am I not getting fat and fat like that!!! Jialat lah wanted to diet also cannot liao like that!!!
But that night I really eat full full until cannot walk man, Frankly speaking cannot eat like that man... don't know when kana high blood one... 
The whole night everyone is satisfied with the beef... really no play play man. really soft wit the meat and taste sweet. Maybe next time we gonna have Australia Abalone BBQ in this house again....hehehe