$3.00 Per 30 Minutes

Last time I used to go Indian barber shop to cut hair one. Not only because of cheap but also because of they have some service that the High Class Expensive Stylo Milo salon don't have one.
The best thing that men like to come here is their massage loh... Don't play play try one time sure you like it one.. Last time I also like other man malu-malu one but after I dare-dare follow my malay friend try one time... hehehehe now not need to call I automatic come here by myself.

Recently one of my friend What's Apps me and send me a photo to see.
They have a new massage service is called "Super Fast Electric Finger Massage" $3.00 per 30 minutes.
At first I see the picture I also sak-sak and blur blur but after I watch the video he send to me then I baru tau what is all about.
The barber have to wear the gadget on the hand then turn on the device to vibrate the hand.
Then the hand slowly moving on your head and massage. In some way macam look like the Iron Man's hand lah.
I actually wanted to try it so today I went to a barber shop at Kiulap but too bad they don't have this device. I wondering the barber's hand inda rasa mabok ka??? 
Not only me saja my friend also think that there could be some other nasty way also can use it too...hehehehehe