I Booking The Black Color One!!!!

I been looking for a 7 seats car for some time liao but still haven't find one which is "Cheap" and "Fresh" and "Big-Big" one!!!! Finally my dream come true... Here are the best choice for me the Chevrolet Orlando 1.8CC+4 cylinder in line DOCH with VVT+7 seats+6 Speed Automatic..... so far I see this is the best and cheapest price compare with other brand car with similar range! I tarus booking the black color one right after the unveil. I though that I fast sudah...sekali I see the booking list I'm the number 15 person who book..... walau eh some people are more faster than me!!! 
28K..... Where to find other car got like price that oh of coz don't compare with the China Car lah!!!

Panas Oi..... Panas!!!!

Cannot tahan lah this 2 days the hot air!!! After I use my mother in law car when down to Sungai Liang for the Durina hunting on my way back to Bandar the aircon started not so cool liao!!! Then yesterday lagi worst langsong not cool at all so I send it to my friend's aircon workshop at Warisan complex there and fix.... Once I heard they say that the compressor not working then I start to know this is really Jialat liao!!! Simply touch touch also need few hundred dollars tu!!! 
So this morning I send it there again coz yesterday is too late not enough time to fix so today continue to see how was it!!! 
Luckily it wasn't that bad lah..... Just do some touch touch here and touch touch there... change gas, change filter, clean the cooling coil and fix the compressor wiring...etc and only charge me $120.00.
Now don't play play...Toyota aircon is really good one... now in the hot afternoon I come out from the car my glasses also turn blur-blur....
Why ah..... Why Toyota's aircon so cold one ah??? Dari dulu dulu already like that... Even other Japanese brand car or Europe car also step aside....
Toyota aircon really tak boleh challenge with them!!!  

Right On Time!!!!

Lucky I ngam ngam watched and give comment there!!! hahahaha. After I finish watch it he really delated it and no more can watch in his Youtube channel any more. Why he have to delate it I not sure lah.... But one thing I'm sure is he kana call by someone from high high or got power one to take it down one lah... That is why I commented his say "This is so not his style leh if remove it!!!" 
But anyway I hope he is fine and nothings gonna happen with him lah.....
I still haven't watch his movie "Nasi Lemak 2.0" but now already got so many wind wind and rain rain.
Last week one of my friend called me say his movie Nasi Lemak 2.0 going to take down and ask where can download his movie..... I heard that also sak-sak.... Just show on the cinema and sekejap kana take down...true or not oh!!! I told him just go the cinema and watch lah why have to susah-susah and download oh!!!!
Then today I saw his short video posted in his youtube channel and he F-Off one of the Malaysia newspaper Utusan then at the bottom he say that " I'm Going to remove this video in 5 minutes..........."
Lucky I ngam-ngam got download it.... this is going to be history lah....heheheheh!!!
I'm not going to upload it coz this is not my video so I don't think I want to post in my youtube channel lah... But still you can watch it HERE or HERE. Someone reposted the video before the real Namewee removed it down!!!
Wah...... Luckily I didn't say something bad about his movie ah.... If not today you watch the video is how he F-Off "TIGERLIM.COM" not the "UTUSAN" newspaper liao ah.....hahahaha!!!! 
See HERE and read what the Utusan write about the Namewee's Nasi Lemak 2.0

My Stunt Kite

I don't tell you you also don't know.... Don't play play ah... I been keep this stunt kite almost got 15 years already... and I think I got 13 years didn't play with it liao!!! I bought it at atas Mabohai SupaSave that time there is a shop selling all this kind of Stunt Kite one I still remember that guys name Jeffery... Me put long time no see him sudah don't know where is he now... maybe still got in Brunei lah!!! 
Hey..... that time this kind of toy not cheap you know! All original come from USA one it cost me $300.00 just for this.... you think like now meh..... all fromt Made In China one!!!

That time I play this is at the open field land which is now the Kampong Rimba there, Right in front the Sultan Flight there!!! During that time asa see got wind I never miss one!!! Some time I every went to Serasa now the Brunei Cement there and play!!!!
I also don't know what mood all of sudden I took this out and feel like want to play it again. Then yesterday I hear the radio said in Philippine got typhoon sooner we Brunei here got 60km wind speed around. So I hope I still know how to play this thing lah!! But the problem is I don't see where can I fly this thing again. It need an open field at least got football field that big then I can play!!! Strictly no trees at all!!! I don't think Pantai Jerudong or Tungku can play anymore..... Maybe Meragang Beach still can play if low tide!!!!

After so many year of revolution with the stunt kite and now stunt kite can play in many directions liao. Can reverse control, backflip, front flip and many more stunt trick..... Not like us last time only have Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle and Stay!!! See the video the stunt kite 2011 one below!!!


Have you ever see kite can dance also????? Watch this!!!!

Yesterday's Paper.....Heeheheh


Do you still remember I posted this Durian 2011? Don't remember click it and see please! 
After 4 weeks now can makan liao. Today I went down to the kampong and collect... Not really much lah but also not too bad. Together got 8 durians but too bad some kana eat by the squirrels!!!!
 How's the taste?? Don't play play... if not good do you think the squirrels want to eat meh!!!!!
Of coz is good lah but maybe is because this few day hari hari raining and cause the durian taste wet wet like that... but Ok one lah I like it like that so I can make my Tiger.Lim™Durian Toast click see.
I opened it all and keep in the container and put in the fridge so whenever I want to eat also can.
Now my hand and fingers still have the durian smell walaupun washed my hand.... nyaman lah really bau skali!!! If a person never try eat durian better don't try this one... coz is really sting man!!!

Simply pick one also got 3 kilo!!!! Don't play play man!!!! 

No room to keep the durian and this is the best way to do so!!!

Mr.Baker's Bakeshop 3rd Anniversary + Beach Bunch's Beach Bun Launching

Today Mr.Baker's Bakeshop have their 3rd anniversary and also launching the Beach Bunch's Bun called "Beach Bun"
Yeah..... sound cool with the Beach Bunch's Beach Bun right!!!! Don't Play Play...this bun you can't find it anyway, only sell at Mr.Baker there!!! FYI to buy our Beach Bun, Mr.Baker are not using plastic bag to keep the bun. They only using paper bag to keep the bun. The reason to do this is too less using plastic bag loh... We understand for some hygiene reason and technical issue bakery shop still need use plastic packaging for packing their products like cakes, pastry and cookies. So Mr.Baker cannot totally say no for plastic day but they are doing Reduce Using Plastic that which is good too. I so glad that they want to take part of this less using plastic campaign. That's why Mr.Baker their slowly go for green, on that day Mr.Baker also giving their recycle bag to the guests and convincing people use try to more use recycle bag or self bring container to reduce plastic usage. Hopefully one day they can reach to 90% reduce using plastic as before!!!

Isn't that great!!! Not just the supermarket or department store can do "No Plastic Day" but the SME also can do too.... Reduce Use Plastic Day also not too bad wat... better than nothing jua kan!! Today just a small step. Tomorrow make a big different!!!!

Wanna know what's inside the Bunch Bun??? Don't Play Play.... you eat until old now still never try flavor like that!!! It has Red Bean+Coconut+Raisin. Why with this 3 ingredients? 
Because our Beach Bunch logo got 3 major things, Beach,Coconut and Sun. Black bean in Chinese is call Bean Sand(dao sa/豆沙) so we got sands as the Beach. Coconut.... you know lah kan got coconut there. But why Raisin?? Because Raisin sound like Rising..... Sun is Rising up so Rising=Raisin lah. So Red Bean+Coconut+Raisin=Beach Bun...........Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

We had try with our  Beach Bun portal type one. Inside got cheese and half cut egg. Cheese look like sand and beach, egg york look like Sun.... but it does taste good. The final touch of Beach Bun is what we have now and sure you can accept one!!! So go try try and support ok!!! FYI Mr.Baker also agreed each Beach Bun you buy few cents are donate to the Beach Bunch funds!!! 

Once again.... Congrats to the Mr.Baker and the Beach Bunch!!! 

Guess what inside the bun? 

Is all free and 30% off with cakes

Roti Buffet........

Congratulation to the Mr.Baker and Beach Bunch

Free recycle bag are given on that day!!!! 

Beware At This Area!!!!

Please share this to all your friends and family after you read this. Don't keep this info for yourself only, later they kana sting.... Jialat man!!!! This bees really cannot go play play with them... Is Hornets!!!
It will attack people and animals if come near to their beehive. In Taiwan every year got people die because of kana stunk by this. Please don't park your car under this tree or near this area.... Don't walk under them oh..... remember is you pass by see them close your car window... If open roof or convertible car please don't passing this area is for your own safety lah!! 
This hornets don't collect honey one.... They eat meats. So kill them are not sayang one..
Some Taiwan and China people use them as medicine. 

So where is this place??? This is at the Batu Bersurat there.... Going up hill just next to the Furniture Shop one!!!! 
This beehive have to remove asap..... don't wait until it getting bigger and bigger!!! I see from the Taiwan TV channel some people know how to get them down. Mostly they do in the night time... cover themselves with a net suit and use a big net to cover the hive. Then cut it down and put into a water to kill them....
So guys watch out this area ok...Don't play play!!!!!!

I Wanna Eat Thai Foods Part 2

I still searching for the Thai food that day I eat at Thailand one... This time I went to try the on at KB. My mother told me there is one Thai food open at beside the river one very nice and is Halal one...cooked by an Thai Muslim lady!!!!  So on our way back home from Miri last Wednesday we went there makan. I order the basil leaf chicken rice+egg+extra chilli... nice not bad but still is not the one I had in Thailand. Although the taste is not the same as I had in Thailand but still this Thai foods serve here is good also... Not only good but also the price no expensive too. We had order 4 dishes only cost $18.00. Next time is you go KB can drop by and try it there.... Where is it? Is the new park located at the KB river side there. Is very easy to find one lah just in front the New Blue Market saja....
This place really not bad you know.. got play ground and toilet and food court and the river view lawa skali lah!!!!
The food court also got other food like ayam penyet, I don't know nice or not lah but I see people go there makan that!!!

Solar Bulb

I saw an awesome video and went to visit their website This really make my mind open and gain me more idea how we can make use a used plastic bottle...
Why I never think of that!!! This is really an brilliant awesome idea!!! Some Kampong Air residents can follow this and save some money for the electric bills

Here are the video teach you how to do a Solar Bulb.

Cows & Bulls

This called Cow............ Correct????

And this is called Bull........ Correct????

But do you know that this is also called Cows?????????

And this one also called Bulls?????

I'm not kidding....... English is very Jialat one!!! Even a school high high person also don't know this.
A Female Elephant is called Cows..........
A Male Elephant is called Bulls...............
Don't believe me????? Go check in the Google or (here) see what is the answers!!!
English words you eat until old also never finish learning one!!!! Don't say we Cina, Malay or Indian, Indon, Pinoi don't know.... Orang Putih sendiri also don't know wah Bruther!!!! Don't play play!!!!!
Boys and Girls go ask your English teachers see they know or not!!!!!

I know Female Tiger is called Tigress
Female Lion is called Lioness
Female Dog everyone knows is called Bitch.
 Female Dragon we chinese is called Phenix but I don't know what orang putih call lah... But I'm sure is not Dragoness
A Virgin Cow is called Heifer but a cow have anak one is called
Female Pig got anak one is call Sow, Still virgin one is call Gilt
A Female Monkey is still called Monkey doesn't matter got anak or not!!!
A Female Duck and Mouse is called Daisy and Minnie.....hahahaha
No lah I just kidding saja lah.... beside the duck and mouse all are real one. And last thing I want to say is Female Mosquito called Culiseta Longiarelate(wah so long). Only female mosquito suck our bloods male don't suck one......!!!! 

Who Are Them?

Yeah...... You see ah we always like that one, Only know the America President is Barack Obama but we never know or wanted to know who the hell is the Vice President. Funny kan?? Why like that one oh!! Only want to know the 1st famous one... the kacang putih one never care!
His name is Joe Biden the Vice President of United State of America.

Not only that we don't know who is he.. some people in the world also very important one we also don't know who are them. Like the founder or Google, Facebook and the Co Founder of Apple....
Here they are....
Founder of the Google

Co-Founder of the Apple.

Yeah he is the founder of Facebook but more than half of the Facebook population don't know his name.

Last but not list and this man one day also wish can be rich and famous like them too....


Why this thing got so many name for it in english one ah???? 
Toilet, Wash Room, Rest Room, Loo, and this one W.C 
Specially this W.C, we know is toilet too but how many of you know what is it mean???
I eat until this old also don't know what does it mean until I search it from Google baru I know.
It mean "Water Closet"..... So now you know yah... next time you ask your friend what is W.C mean. Sure some people say is "Wash Cabinet" or "Wash Cubical" one.....

Don't Want Already Kah?

Always like that one... got head no tail one!!! After some time making business then just left their stuff there and waiting to rosak.... Don't want continue do business also don't want to bring it back home. Sayang you know after the Puasa time this people just put the camp there saja. The camp also not cheap one... if don't want I want man... instead just leave it under the sun and rain until rosak.... sayang-sayang!!!

Jialat Lah This Sign Board

I don't know should I laugh or mad at this sign board at the road side when you almost reach to the Sungai Tujuh immigration post there....
Don't know who did that but I totally don't think that is cool just spoil the image of our beautiful country saja. Come on lah other place or corner of the building I don't care lah... but this one tarang-tarang on the road side one yet is close to the border one..... malu lah. Either take away the sign board or change a new one or clean up the nasty words.... just do something about it instead of let it be like that or let more people and children read it when every time crossing the border!!!
curious what is wrong with the sign board? Click it for larger image.