Why Still No Life Jacket?

Today open the news paper (United Daily) the head line is 2 water taxi accident at the water village. An 18 years old young man died! The first time in my mind of coz I kasian the man and the family lah. Mau Hari Raya already and yet this kind of bad news arrive really really felt sorry to the families members!
Then the 2nd thing is it remind me the same story back to almost 20 years ago. One of my neighbor also died like that too. He is an Korean man with his family staying just next to my home. He is a weight lifting coach at the National Stadium there. He went to Kampong Air and visit his student on the way back home also like that kana crash with other water taxi. After few days his body found at now Kiulap closed to gadong river there! Kasian lah the wife and 2 kids cries until their eyes bangka one!
Of coz this is just one of the water taxi accident I pointed out lah..Memang there is a lot of times got like that sudah one.. it just someone get hurt or die saja.
Don't say the Kampong Air one lah.... Just talk about the Jerudong beach there already got how many fishermen life kana take away liao.

Come on.... now already year 2011 sudah lah you think still like last century's 70's or 80's meh!!! Where got water taxi or boat still using under horse power motor boat one!!! Simply sit one also got 25 horse power above one lah. But how come until not still haven't set a law to them all passenger must wear Life Jacket one?
Driving car also got law said No Mobile Phone while driving, Must wear seat belt, Speed Limit etc.... All of this for what??? Of coz for safety lah!!! To safe our life!!! To prevent accidents so and so...
  If the water taxi driver got wear life jacket I think he still got chances to survive one.
At lease after the impact fall into the water he still can floating on the water surface instance of drowning right!
But whatever is that safety is really important one... Now you don't see it but once later it happen you'll know how good is it liao. 
No Plastic Day already can happen here and I don't see why not or so hard to let them to wear Life Jacket!!!