When I Told My Wife...

Went to makan with my family last night at Gadong. After the dinner we walk to Hua Ho there and buy some thing. Be my wife is not an easy things, not only must take good care of my children but also have be prepare understand my joke when ever suddenly it comes. During the time we see see look look at the department store and suddenly I saw this........... ar........ metal.... ar.... Sorry I don't know how to call this a bowl I guess. Ok anyway I bring this to look for my wife and I told her and here are our conversation.
Me: Wife..... I want to buy this!!!
My Wife: Why??? What For???
Me: I wanna looking for Gold!
My Wife: T.T Speechless......
Then she walk away and ignore me!!!
Sometime couple need joke to sustainable the relationship but for my case I guess my wife start getting blur with my practical joke.....mmmm is time for me to give her some easy or stage 1 joke.