The Real Cendol Temburong

Yes.... when every year Puasa the time we can easily see people selling the Cendol on the road side or garai there and said that their cendol is from Temburong.
Have you ever same like me wondering "Why is has to be from Temburong?" Why is so famous about it?" "Why they like to tell that is from Temburong?" 
Yes... I have a lot of questions about this Temburong  Cendol especially " Who is selling the Real Temburong  Cendol???? 
After so many years about this T.C and I finally got a bit story behind it (correct me if I'm wrong)
Once upon a time a galaxy from far far away a planet called TemCendol........
Ok I'm just kidding.....
One of my neighbour yesterday he bring us this Temburong Cendol really from Temburong one. He almost everyday went to Temburong coz he got a business over there(potong kayu) He told us this is the real Temburong Cendol. A Haji that he is a story about this cendol, He only selling his cendol during Ramadhan. My neighbour he told me where is the Haji selling this but still I don't know where is it coz I'm only been there for one time in my lift. Of coz I'm never see this Haji how he look like if one day got chance I want to meet him. He been making this cendol for many many years and the Temburong residents love his cendol and that is how his cendol slowly slowly become very famous at Temburong. That slowly slowly some people use this name and selling cendol even is not the real one from him. Compare his cendol with other self claimed as T.C, I swear that is totally different... Is so much soft and smooth, not so sweet and rich with the santan. 
I try to ask my neighbour  see he can bring me to meet this Haji or not one day so I can really finally to put a FULL STOP behind the story.