Oh God... Why The Door So Small One?

Yeah..... this is nothing to do or edit with the photo. It is real and I just ask my friend to stay there to take this photo. The size of the toilet door just 2 niches bigger than a man body.
 I couldn't understand why it was that small, Isn't it all the doors come with a standard size?
Luckily my friend who just rent this house not buying it if kalau he buy it...jialat man.. cry no tears man.
Don't know how much money kana tipu by the contractor to built this house.

Seriously  now days really got this kind of Unfaithful+Unhonestly contraction out there. Better be careful  if you have land and ask them to develop for you. Make sure really go checking daily see how their built. Material also very important to see what and where it from. Like this one the house roof, celling, fans, doors etc mostly is from China one...... Bad qualities and so old skools!!
It can use lah but I don't think can Tahan Lama lah!!!

p/s: person stand in front the door is not the owner... is the hand on the bottom left!!!