Lucky Cat

This one not need I say I'm guaranty+warranty 100% sure you ever see this kind of cat one right!
If you never see this; just go to those Chinese restaurant or shop or the Japanese restaurant sure have one.
Have you ever wondering why the Chinese business man like to put this Lucky Cat on the casher counter? As usual loh apa lagi... mau kaya dan untong loh!

  Actually this Lucky Cat  is from Japan and then Taiwanese crazy about it then baru spread to the whole  world. But there is some things not many people know one even those people restaurant, shop or house got put this Lucky Cat.
Do you know why some of the cat got Left Hand Up and Right Hand Up one? 
They also got Male and Female!
The cat's paw/hand below head and over hand so got different meaning too!
The Cat's colors, eyes. open mouth or smiling mouth, gold coin in front the belly...... macam-macam ada. Just want to remember all this rules also sak-sak saudah lah Bruther!
Who hot the time eat full full got nothing to do go and remember all this.....
Here I tell you 2 things to remember saja,
Just this two questions is more than enough and important to know, otherwise salah put good luck also become bad luck.
1st is how to see which one is Male which one is Female.
Very simple to see one. Male Right Hand, Female Left Hand.
Right hand one  is symbolize of want more Fortune come,  Left hand one is symbol wanted more People come. Both also got Money come one lah.. but it just what kind of business you do loh. In Taiwan there those people do day time business one they use Right Hand Lucky Cat, if is night time business one like night club, hotel, restaurant or any entertainment business one they use left hand lucky cat coz they want more and more people come so can more customer.

If your house want to put this lucky cat to gain your fortune better put the right hand up one don't left hand one, If house use left hand one that mean you want more people come to your house... unless your house got do prostitute business lah then is different case lah!

The Hand/Paw over the head one is symbol calling people/fortune from far. Normally this is for business got involve with oversea one like Travel Agents, Import&Export can use loh. So if you open restaurant, Salon better don't use this....   
Paw below the cat head is calling fortune from near like regular customer like that lo....

There is a story of this Lucky Cat from Japan one...(I just make it short lah)
 Long long time a man went to a town which is his 1st time there. Then he felt very hungry and don't know where to eat. then he saw a cat sitting in front one of the house look like waving the hand to him macam calling him (in fact the cat just washing the face and ear lah if people got cat you know what I mean) So the man walk in the door and see lupanya is a restaurant. then he makan in there and tell the owner of the restaurant about that and slowly slowly this story spread spread spread and then people believe that cat like can bring good luck and business loh.

So you know a little bit of this Lucky Cat story or not now???
Now let's train your cats everyday sit in from your shop or house and washing face and calling customer some in!!!! hahahahahah!!!