Kampong Parit.... Longkang

I just spotted this sticker stick on our home next to the front door, I think it had sticked there for some quite some time already but it just I didn't notice it. I was curious about the name of the Kampong written there. The place I stay is just in between the Kiarong and Tumasek on top the hill one very close to the Tumasek Shell Station. From the day one we stay here are call Champaka Park or Taman Champaka, a road sign also set and named by Jalan Champaka next on the simpang. More than 30 years already I stay here and many people also know this place and peoples also call here kampong champaka but today I just notice is no more by calling that!!! Why all of sudden we are Kampong Parit residents I also don't know! 
FYI Parit also knows as Longkang/Drain. I do a bit malu about this name... 
I posted in my facebook asking people about this; one of my friend told me there was a Kampong Paris but at some where deep deep in Kampong Mulaut... close to Kuala Lurah.
mmm... sound very interesting now with my kampong!!! FYI Champaka is some kind of flower but now has become Longkang sudah!!!! wu wu wu..T.T