Ka-Pow 5.0

I'm sure many of you had heard this Ka~Pow a local famous burger founder by Zul-Fadly Osman/@Zulfadly
I don't malu to tell you this.....It started 2009 until now I still haven't try it!!! But today I finally try it.
To show my support for this Ka~Pow I special request to make a awesome Ka~Pow. I call up @Zulfadly and told him I want a 5 layer Ka~Pow Burger! At first he don't believe me and thought that I just kidding about it just like I used to do!
The reason I want this is because I want my first time to try the Ka~Pow with REALLLLLL Ka~Pow like the Bat-Man comic KA~POW hehehehe
I told him just name me the price and I willing to pay for it. I really want to try my first time Ka~Pow with 5 layer!!! What to do.... meet a crazy friend like Me cannot also have to do liao....hehehe!!!
I really appreciated that he willing making this for me. This is what we call Service!!!
A successful foods business not only because of the food must me nice but also the service too.

I name it as Ka~Pow 5.0!!! So what does it have???
5 pieces of Wagyu Beef Ka~Pow, 4 pieces of Cheeses, 1 fried egg and Sloppy sauce!!!
Wanna know how much is it??? hehehe I'm not gonna tell you. You yourself go and try to order it!!!

Zul In Action!!!

Yes I found you!!!

 You don't find Ka~Pow 5.0 here dude!!!

Anybody want to challenge my Ka~Pow 5.0????

Combo pictures of how Zul tapao my KP 5.0!!!

My friend challenge me to have a Bun to Bun bite with this Ka~Pow 5.0 and finish the whole thing. So this is how I do it!

Check out my video here!!!