Is A Myth Or Fact?

I like their idea putting this little message on each of the table in food court and restaurants just to reminder the public how important and monitoring of what we eat.
I notice that is a message printed on little triangle thing really making me suspicious. It say there
"After a meal, why not take a 30 minutes walk before settling into your routine"
Which mean that they encourage people to walk for 30 minutes after meal right?
Ok... so I went to search in the Google and see whether is it true or not that take a walk after a meal is good for our health. Guess what... after I read it now I don't know which one I should believe with. 
Every one in the net are saying take a walk after meal is not good for our health coz in actual fact walking will cause the digestive system to be unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we intake (see here). But in the other hand according to researchers in the Department of Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, walking shortly after a meal is a highly effective way to burn energy. You are burning calories as well, so you are getting a double boost (see here).
Jialat lah like that... this one say like that..that one say like this so how oh??? sak sak lah me!!!
Say Good is from doctor... say not good also from the doctor. Cowboy Indians all they do one lah. 
Is there anyone can give a concrete proof telling that take a walk for 30 minutes after a meal is good for our health please!!!! 
Or this is only suitable for diabetes patients saja????