Is A Myth Or Fact? Part 2

Yesterday I got a call and email from the Health Promotion Center regarding my post "Is A Myth or Fact" about the 30 minutes walk after a meal. Finally we get know the answer and thanks to the reply. Yes it is a "Fact" not the "Myth"
 Don't play play ah... this silence killer diabetes took a lot of life away  at this days. In the email it say 
"In our country here the Diabetes is one of the top killers in the country. It is the number one reason for people becoming blind, and every week someone in RIPAS hospital has an amputation because of diabetes." 
And it also mention that "Our country faces an ever-rising increase in diabetes sufferers each year because we eat too much and do not exercise enough. Being overweight is a huge risk factor for Type 2 diabetes and Brunei tops the charts in Asia for having the highest proportion of obese and overweight people.
Jialat lah after I read the email I think I must taking my routine excise back like 2 years ago one, everyday go tasik lama or gym liao..... better don't play play man. If kana the diabetes not like kena a darling once you don't love sudah say don't want just buang like that yo!!! Diabetes will very faithful loyal, truly loving and follow you for the rest of your life. If you are lucky enough maybe still got chances if they want to betray you lah....heheheh

 Ok Bruther... let's Prevent Diabetes, Eat Responsibly and Exercise Regularly. 
 If anyone has any more questions, please contact their health line 145 and their are available on twitter @hpcbrunei and on facebook "Health Promotion Centre" 
Do check it out their website also here .