I Went Too And Bought This

Recently everyone was huhuhaha about this new open shop. Finally so many year and now we have one here in Brunei. But of coz it has a little bit late for me!!! If this is open 20 years earlier then I'm sure I happy like a jumping deer. Now I become uncle this place has no kick for me liao. Whatever is that still must go in see see look look one. The first thing I heard people's comment about this store mostly from their mouth was all about "Compare".... compare compare compare saja!!!
Compare with KL and Singapore one their are bigger lah...ani lah....atu lah....!!!
Aiyo... why have to compare leh bruther!!! This thing never get puas hati one bah!!! If you compare this with Singapore or Malaysia one... I'm sure this people haven't really see the REAL ToysRus one. To me KL and Singapore one are still small and Kacang man!!!
Check it out the Perth's one.... then you know what I talk about! You know how the football field looks like? ya that's the size of their store over there!
So don't compare.... all we want is to enjoy what we have here. 

So I went there last Sunday with my wife and daughter. Guess what... I also get me a toy too. I got myself a Stethoscope and my daughter got some baby doll bathing toys.
Hey bruther...don't play play this toy really works!!! I really can hear my daughter's hearth beat with this!
It's really awesome although it just a toy only cost 20 something! 
I been looking for this for long time, I even ever thinking to curi a real one from hospital last time hahah of coz I don't dare lah. The reason why I want this is because I want to play doctor games with my daughter, to make her used to it with clinic stuff. So when she get sick and visit clinic see doctor the time she won't takut!!! Seriously it works... before I buy this I already play with her with this game. Open mouth... check temperature, listen heart beat etc, now everytime went to T.K Chan there she never takut with the doctor at all.
So the next thing I looking for is the dental one so hope that next time she won't takut with that!!
I found that this is the best way to train our children not to takut the doctor or dentist!
try it... but of coz must put a lot of effort and time with it!