I Didn't Know Got Like That One Too!!!

Last week my friend's mother passed away, according to our chinese traditional way after 7 days of the person pass away there is a ceremony invite friends and relative to their home makan-makan, they provide 7 different dishes for people come to their house makan one. 
Different chinese different style one... Cantonese got cantonese style, Hockian, Hockchew, Hakka,Teochew etc... all also got different style. Like my friend's one they are Hockian, today I just know that their traditional way they provide hair cut service to all the men, if ladies they have chinese traditional facial provide too.
Why have to cut hair... mmmm that one I don't know lah. Maybe is for good luck I guess??
It was right on time lah.... my hair also long sudah is time to cut. But feel macam cali la.... cut hair in front the main door. Anyway... is was a great experience!  

Bruther..... Botak already also must jangkao cut a little bit!!! LOL