I Can't Stand It Anymore

It start sell on the 22th July about one week plus but last night
finally it can't stand it to thinking say No to the Lion..... Yes the Tiger have to bow the Lion!!!
I'm thinking for many days already should I get the latest OS X Lion for my Macbook Pro or not... last last last night I cannot tahan already and brought it from the App Store. It took me one night to download it with the size 3Gb plus.
Yeah now my Mac also feel like an iPhone liao. It has lot of awesome stuff in that especially with the Safari. I love it when I look at my screen and page it like a book. Awesome.
I'm sure you wondering how much right? Yea I use my Australia iTunes Card to buy one and it cost Aud$31.99 nearly Bnd$45.00.
$45.00 Ok lah... not so bad wat Bruther!!! One night go makan Sushi also cost that much liao wat right!!! Some how this can balik-balik use one.. so worth lah!!!
Try it Bruther!!!