How To Use Or Is It No Use?

Do you have an iPhone? If don't have ask anyone of your friends who have one with this question!
"How to use the Alphabets under the number from 2 to 9????
The answer is No Way you can use it!!! Those are the things Apple put in there only for display; in the other hand just for good looking saja!!!
I'm using my iPhone almost got one year already, Last Saturday Night I just notice that at my friend's house. I trying many way to key out the alphabets one the screen. By using press and hold, double or triple tapping it also cannot! Yes the only thing I guess Apple make this only for nice looking saja. 
Unless you in other country which have those contact number come with words behind it one... like
1800-APPLE which mean  is 1800-27753 like that then you can use it lah!!!
But tell you true true one lah... this day many phone also cannot pakai like that too. Like those Nokia, HTC, Samsung phones their keypad also no more like that, unless you still use the old skool one no colors screen,no camera only can call, texting and LED touch light next to the on/off button...ah like that you still using this kind of keypad lah!