Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp

Have you ever heard about this dish Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp? yeah either than I....
Last night I was invited to one of my friend's house for dinner and his wife cooked this our us.
At first I was thought that it just an ordinary normally garlic prawn with rice... what so special about it o... After my friend told me about this Aloha things then I baru understand and I think I should share this to you guys.
So what is so special about this Garlic Shrimp? Don't play play.... this is really famous in Hawaii there especially in Kahuku. I searched in Google and there is a lot info about it, people blog, food review and teach you how to cook too.
I guess it just like a Ayam Penyet or Nasi Katok over there here.... every way also have one.
Thanks to my friend's wife to cook this so I now need to spend few thousand dollars for thicket to try this.
Ok so this garlic prawn they normally cook and sell at the big white truck... something like a caravan and  people sign or leave a comment on their truck after have try with their foods lah.

courtesy to Sku's Recent Eats

Now if you also interested to try this dishes here are some link about the recipe and video to teach you how to cook too.