Have You Check Your Spare Tyre Air Presure

Don't play play.... this thing better got check regularly at lease 2 to 3 times a year. Is not that susah one if you lazy then every time you bring you car to servicing ask the mechanic check for you also can, don't later your car tyre pomcit at the high way or no way later when you change tyre the time baru notice no air also with the spare one too mati lah if like that. Is true I see many time at the highway to Tutong got people kana like that already, lagi pun the Hari Raya also coming soon , don't later go visit raya or open house the time nanti pomcit no spare to change baru tau nya!!! 
Lagi pun the air pressure many people also don't know how many PSI need to pump for a normal tyre.
For standard and recommended is 32 psi. One time I saw an uncle pump his tyre with 55 psi I tarus stop him and told him better don't do it anymore is very dangerous. He told me that he also don't know how many psi that he need to pump, also that there is no signage showing too, so he just Hantam saja lah!!!

This is true also... if there is a signage put next to the fuel station air pump machine to tell the people how many air should we need to pump into our car tyre would you think that will be much better?
Like for bicycle standard is how many PSI, Motorbikes, Lorry, Bus up to Airbus 380.... hehehe just kidding for the airbus 380 please ignore it!
Isn't it that a good idea and also for safety reason too? Mana tau someone someday over pump the air sampai pacar and get hurt kan?? Accident this kind of thing susah capak one... any time also can happen!!!