Drive Slow Masa Hujan Lebat

Don't play play..... yesterday the rain almost fall for the whole day Jialat man!!! Stay at home and I saw many people posted in Facebook and Twitter said here accident there accident jam jam here and jam jam there. What a unlucky day for those people who had accident, some more Hari Raya coming soon again lah... extra money have to spend to repair car now really Jialat liao this time.
Actually some of the accident they can avoid one... Already know is raining but still want to drive fast.
Oi bruther..... raining day drive fast, how fast can you go O??? More or less just faster than 3 to 5 minutes only mah.. Pay few thousand dollars to repair car because of faster 5 minutes drive.... mmmm not worth is at all!! Repair car is small thing, if get hurt or mati that one lagi not worth it man.
Lagi pun some people's car the tyre also got no flower already still can jalan-jalan. most Jialat one is their tyre's wire already come out still don't know wait for what and don't want to change a new one. I see a lot like that already... Karet also don't that take the life play play man!

Rain-Rain Go Away.... Come Back Another Day!!!

@ Sungai Akar picture taken by my sister in law