Beaches Survey

Have you ever wondering how many beaches actually we have here in Brunei?
Not sure right?? yeah either me.... that's is why me and Rizan (our Beach Bunch's President) recently went to check it out. We went checked at Lumut, Sungai Liang, Telisai, Totong, Jerudong, Berakas, Meragang, Muara and Serasa with in 6 hours. See whether do there have provided public phone, toilets, bus stop, foods stall, play ground, tap water, hut, carpark,boat ramp........etc!!!! So far yang paling banyak one is Muara Beach but non of the beach has LifeGuard. The reason we do this is to survey what kind of facilities provided at the beaches and can put it up on our coming Beach Bunch new website so people can be more familiar with our beaches here so not need one day if you go there swimming or picnic then baru realize there is no toilet or water to shower or what so ever!!! 

It is interesting to have a project like this.. one time go to see so many beaches and compare which one is good for picnic, camping or family's Funday!

Lumut Beach

Sungai Liang Beach

Telisai Beach

Seri Kenangan Beach a.k.a Tutong Beach

Penanjong Beach

Jerudong Beach

Meragang Beach

Muara Beach

Serasa Beach