Lucky Cat

This one not need I say I'm guaranty+warranty 100% sure you ever see this kind of cat one right!
If you never see this; just go to those Chinese restaurant or shop or the Japanese restaurant sure have one.
Have you ever wondering why the Chinese business man like to put this Lucky Cat on the casher counter? As usual loh apa lagi... mau kaya dan untong loh!

  Actually this Lucky Cat  is from Japan and then Taiwanese crazy about it then baru spread to the whole  world. But there is some things not many people know one even those people restaurant, shop or house got put this Lucky Cat.
Do you know why some of the cat got Left Hand Up and Right Hand Up one? 
They also got Male and Female!
The cat's paw/hand below head and over hand so got different meaning too!
The Cat's colors, eyes. open mouth or smiling mouth, gold coin in front the belly...... macam-macam ada. Just want to remember all this rules also sak-sak saudah lah Bruther!
Who hot the time eat full full got nothing to do go and remember all this.....
Here I tell you 2 things to remember saja,
Just this two questions is more than enough and important to know, otherwise salah put good luck also become bad luck.
1st is how to see which one is Male which one is Female.
Very simple to see one. Male Right Hand, Female Left Hand.
Right hand one  is symbolize of want more Fortune come,  Left hand one is symbol wanted more People come. Both also got Money come one lah.. but it just what kind of business you do loh. In Taiwan there those people do day time business one they use Right Hand Lucky Cat, if is night time business one like night club, hotel, restaurant or any entertainment business one they use left hand lucky cat coz they want more and more people come so can more customer.

If your house want to put this lucky cat to gain your fortune better put the right hand up one don't left hand one, If house use left hand one that mean you want more people come to your house... unless your house got do prostitute business lah then is different case lah!

The Hand/Paw over the head one is symbol calling people/fortune from far. Normally this is for business got involve with oversea one like Travel Agents, Import&Export can use loh. So if you open restaurant, Salon better don't use this....   
Paw below the cat head is calling fortune from near like regular customer like that lo....

There is a story of this Lucky Cat from Japan one...(I just make it short lah)
 Long long time a man went to a town which is his 1st time there. Then he felt very hungry and don't know where to eat. then he saw a cat sitting in front one of the house look like waving the hand to him macam calling him (in fact the cat just washing the face and ear lah if people got cat you know what I mean) So the man walk in the door and see lupanya is a restaurant. then he makan in there and tell the owner of the restaurant about that and slowly slowly this story spread spread spread and then people believe that cat like can bring good luck and business loh.

So you know a little bit of this Lucky Cat story or not now???
Now let's train your cats everyday sit in from your shop or house and washing face and calling customer some in!!!! hahahahahah!!!

Promo Extended Till 31/8/11

Why Still No Life Jacket?

Today open the news paper (United Daily) the head line is 2 water taxi accident at the water village. An 18 years old young man died! The first time in my mind of coz I kasian the man and the family lah. Mau Hari Raya already and yet this kind of bad news arrive really really felt sorry to the families members!
Then the 2nd thing is it remind me the same story back to almost 20 years ago. One of my neighbor also died like that too. He is an Korean man with his family staying just next to my home. He is a weight lifting coach at the National Stadium there. He went to Kampong Air and visit his student on the way back home also like that kana crash with other water taxi. After few days his body found at now Kiulap closed to gadong river there! Kasian lah the wife and 2 kids cries until their eyes bangka one!
Of coz this is just one of the water taxi accident I pointed out lah..Memang there is a lot of times got like that sudah one.. it just someone get hurt or die saja.
Don't say the Kampong Air one lah.... Just talk about the Jerudong beach there already got how many fishermen life kana take away liao.

Come on.... now already year 2011 sudah lah you think still like last century's 70's or 80's meh!!! Where got water taxi or boat still using under horse power motor boat one!!! Simply sit one also got 25 horse power above one lah. But how come until not still haven't set a law to them all passenger must wear Life Jacket one?
Driving car also got law said No Mobile Phone while driving, Must wear seat belt, Speed Limit etc.... All of this for what??? Of coz for safety lah!!! To safe our life!!! To prevent accidents so and so...
  If the water taxi driver got wear life jacket I think he still got chances to survive one.
At lease after the impact fall into the water he still can floating on the water surface instance of drowning right!
But whatever is that safety is really important one... Now you don't see it but once later it happen you'll know how good is it liao. 
No Plastic Day already can happen here and I don't see why not or so hard to let them to wear Life Jacket!!!

How Is He Now???

Picture pinjam from Adib Judin which I kana Tag!!!

I was deleting and untag some of my photo in my Facebook. I more like it to see my photo album with my face in instead of other people's unwanted goods, holiday landscape photo, advert etc.
I like to be clean and organize way so I go around my photo album see what to untag some photo. 
Then I saw this wanted guy that back to few months ago... I guess is on the May the police is looking for him and also got $5000.00 dollars to rewards.
Then I suddenly wondering how is this fellow now oh!!! Is he kana tangkap already by the police or still in the Run DMC..... Walk This Way!!!!!
Maybe kana tangkap already and post in new paper which I missed reading it... I don't know lah. The last time I heard his story was from my brother he said that this man curi a car near where he stay at Kampong Mentiri!!!
Are we still looking for this man? The $5000.00 still available? Or case close already? 

Ka-Pow 5.0

I'm sure many of you had heard this Ka~Pow a local famous burger founder by Zul-Fadly Osman/@Zulfadly
I don't malu to tell you this.....It started 2009 until now I still haven't try it!!! But today I finally try it.
To show my support for this Ka~Pow I special request to make a awesome Ka~Pow. I call up @Zulfadly and told him I want a 5 layer Ka~Pow Burger! At first he don't believe me and thought that I just kidding about it just like I used to do!
The reason I want this is because I want my first time to try the Ka~Pow with REALLLLLL Ka~Pow like the Bat-Man comic KA~POW hehehehe
I told him just name me the price and I willing to pay for it. I really want to try my first time Ka~Pow with 5 layer!!! What to do.... meet a crazy friend like Me cannot also have to do liao....hehehe!!!
I really appreciated that he willing making this for me. This is what we call Service!!!
A successful foods business not only because of the food must me nice but also the service too.

I name it as Ka~Pow 5.0!!! So what does it have???
5 pieces of Wagyu Beef Ka~Pow, 4 pieces of Cheeses, 1 fried egg and Sloppy sauce!!!
Wanna know how much is it??? hehehe I'm not gonna tell you. You yourself go and try to order it!!!

Zul In Action!!!

Yes I found you!!!

 You don't find Ka~Pow 5.0 here dude!!!

Anybody want to challenge my Ka~Pow 5.0????

Combo pictures of how Zul tapao my KP 5.0!!!

My friend challenge me to have a Bun to Bun bite with this Ka~Pow 5.0 and finish the whole thing. So this is how I do it!

Check out my video here!!!

Buy 2nd Hand Ferrari Lagi Better


Guess how much is this Samsung 82 inch Touch Screen LCD gonna cost here in Brunei?
Bnd$5.000.00?......... no no no... up up up!!!
Bnd$8.000.00?......... no no no... up up up!!!
Bnd$15.000.00?......... no no no... up up up some more!!!
Bnd$50.000.00????no no no... up up up some more more more more!!!
NO NO NO.......... Up up up uppppp MORE!!!!!!
Is Bnd$135.688.00
selling at one of the local online store!!!
At first my friend told me this I also don't believe one... after I see it on the website my mind start thinking who wanna buy this super expensive LCD and put in their room!!!
Seriously I rather send the money to buy a red hot sexy second hand ferrari and sit in my living room lagi siok!!! If you don't believe click here and check it out!!!

Steve Jobs Bye Bye Apple?

Today first thing in the morning the news I read is this man..... The Apple CEO Steve Jobs had resigns his post on Wednesday read here.
The reason most probably I guess is because of his health lah. But then the next iPhone 5 no more launch by him liao lah.... I wonder who is the one how giving the introduction and the key note!

I Didn't Know Got Like That One Too!!!

Last week my friend's mother passed away, according to our chinese traditional way after 7 days of the person pass away there is a ceremony invite friends and relative to their home makan-makan, they provide 7 different dishes for people come to their house makan one. 
Different chinese different style one... Cantonese got cantonese style, Hockian, Hockchew, Hakka,Teochew etc... all also got different style. Like my friend's one they are Hockian, today I just know that their traditional way they provide hair cut service to all the men, if ladies they have chinese traditional facial provide too.
Why have to cut hair... mmmm that one I don't know lah. Maybe is for good luck I guess??
It was right on time lah.... my hair also long sudah is time to cut. But feel macam cali la.... cut hair in front the main door. Anyway... is was a great experience!  

Bruther..... Botak already also must jangkao cut a little bit!!! LOL

Fake of What???

If is fake of the facebook I understand but I prefer the fakeboob look better...
One of my friend wear this although she is an auntie but wearing this really make her look younger. 
She told me her daughter bought it for her in Thailand. This kind of fancy funny t-shirt in Thailand a lot one... less then hundrend Bath can have one already.
Remind me of Thailand...... I also got long time no visit Thailand sudah.... Kinda miss their foods there!!! Sia Sia Pun.......

Do you still remember that I I told you we have a recording at KFM last 2 weeks ago?
Is confirm play on air on the 3rd day Hari Raya 10am to 12pm. So don't forget to turn on your radio during visiting raya bruther !!!

Drive Slow Masa Hujan Lebat

Don't play play..... yesterday the rain almost fall for the whole day Jialat man!!! Stay at home and I saw many people posted in Facebook and Twitter said here accident there accident jam jam here and jam jam there. What a unlucky day for those people who had accident, some more Hari Raya coming soon again lah... extra money have to spend to repair car now really Jialat liao this time.
Actually some of the accident they can avoid one... Already know is raining but still want to drive fast.
Oi bruther..... raining day drive fast, how fast can you go O??? More or less just faster than 3 to 5 minutes only mah.. Pay few thousand dollars to repair car because of faster 5 minutes drive.... mmmm not worth is at all!! Repair car is small thing, if get hurt or mati that one lagi not worth it man.
Lagi pun some people's car the tyre also got no flower already still can jalan-jalan. most Jialat one is their tyre's wire already come out still don't know wait for what and don't want to change a new one. I see a lot like that already... Karet also don't that take the life play play man!

Rain-Rain Go Away.... Come Back Another Day!!!

@ Sungai Akar picture taken by my sister in law

Learn How To Play Ukulele

Buy this Ukulele 3 days ago at Miri there for my daughter but people keep saying that's a cute Guitar in the Facebook after my wife share the picture. Now show you how it play.... say with me" Ukulele" not Guitar ok! Btw I just learn how to play this song today!!! give me comments please. 

Legend of Haji Kampung & Haji Mukim ep 1

Check this out the new video by Akinari I really like it and strongly recommended you to watch. Can't wait for their episode 2 to come and don't forget to subscribe it!
Starring by Arif Ebil, Saufi Jamahat, Fizz Rahim and Jumong Maru. you guys are awesome!!!

Have You Check Your Spare Tyre Air Presure

Don't play play.... this thing better got check regularly at lease 2 to 3 times a year. Is not that susah one if you lazy then every time you bring you car to servicing ask the mechanic check for you also can, don't later your car tyre pomcit at the high way or no way later when you change tyre the time baru notice no air also with the spare one too mati lah if like that. Is true I see many time at the highway to Tutong got people kana like that already, lagi pun the Hari Raya also coming soon , don't later go visit raya or open house the time nanti pomcit no spare to change baru tau nya!!! 
Lagi pun the air pressure many people also don't know how many PSI need to pump for a normal tyre.
For standard and recommended is 32 psi. One time I saw an uncle pump his tyre with 55 psi I tarus stop him and told him better don't do it anymore is very dangerous. He told me that he also don't know how many psi that he need to pump, also that there is no signage showing too, so he just Hantam saja lah!!!

This is true also... if there is a signage put next to the fuel station air pump machine to tell the people how many air should we need to pump into our car tyre would you think that will be much better?
Like for bicycle standard is how many PSI, Motorbikes, Lorry, Bus up to Airbus 380.... hehehe just kidding for the airbus 380 please ignore it!
Isn't it that a good idea and also for safety reason too? Mana tau someone someday over pump the air sampai pacar and get hurt kan?? Accident this kind of thing susah capak one... any time also can happen!!!

Went Down To Miri Yesterday

After I checking my car tyre pressure, water and engine oil me my wife and my sister 3 went down to Miri for little shopping. Many months already I didn't visit Miri. The last time I went to Miri is this here.
Then when I passed by the Brunei border then I baru realize that the Miri custom post had already move to the new one. I don't know how long already they move but I feel malu lah this one I also don't know!
One thing I don't like one is their pondok chop passport one VERY higg lah!!!! If i use 4x4 car then is ok.. if your car is lower spring or potong spring one then you have you step out from your car and past the passport to them liao!!!

Is A Myth Or Fact? Part 2

Yesterday I got a call and email from the Health Promotion Center regarding my post "Is A Myth or Fact" about the 30 minutes walk after a meal. Finally we get know the answer and thanks to the reply. Yes it is a "Fact" not the "Myth"
 Don't play play ah... this silence killer diabetes took a lot of life away  at this days. In the email it say 
"In our country here the Diabetes is one of the top killers in the country. It is the number one reason for people becoming blind, and every week someone in RIPAS hospital has an amputation because of diabetes." 
And it also mention that "Our country faces an ever-rising increase in diabetes sufferers each year because we eat too much and do not exercise enough. Being overweight is a huge risk factor for Type 2 diabetes and Brunei tops the charts in Asia for having the highest proportion of obese and overweight people.
Jialat lah after I read the email I think I must taking my routine excise back like 2 years ago one, everyday go tasik lama or gym liao..... better don't play play man. If kana the diabetes not like kena a darling once you don't love sudah say don't want just buang like that yo!!! Diabetes will very faithful loyal, truly loving and follow you for the rest of your life. If you are lucky enough maybe still got chances if they want to betray you lah....heheheh

 Ok Bruther... let's Prevent Diabetes, Eat Responsibly and Exercise Regularly. 
 If anyone has any more questions, please contact their health line 145 and their are available on twitter @hpcbrunei and on facebook "Health Promotion Centre" 
Do check it out their website also here .

Nothing Wrong With It

I was surprise to hear people gossip about the new 10 dollars gonna retrieve back by the banking because of the Kiarong mosque name. They say is because of the spelling "Hassanil Bolkiah" was wrong should be "Hassanal Bolkiah".... Aiyo that's is rumors lah Bruther!!!
FYI there is nothing wrong with the name. Since the mosque been built in 1998 and officially launched in 1994 has already named Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. 
It looks like some people out there living here for many years and generations still not really familiar with their country. 
Ok lah I take this opportunities to tell you people one thing that not many people know one.
How many golden dome it have on the Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque?
Do you know that answer? Don't know and not sure right!!!! Only some people eat full full got nothing to do then went to count it right?
I know the answer but I didn't eat full full got nothing to do went to count it..... you think I'm so freee meh!!!
I was told by the the local travel agent's tour guide that one time I follow them bringing the tourists going around. Then when we stop by at the mosque then I baru tau so many things about it.
So how many golden dome it has?
It has 29 dome on the mosque reason it symbolizing that the 29th Sultan of Brunei.
Same as the Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque was built by the Sultan of Brunei in 1958. It has 28 dome with it and symbolizing the 28th Sultan of Brunei.
So now you know liao lah right... if next time you hear someone told you about the money ask them back how well they know about the mosque.
And one more thing and don't play play man.... Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque got listed in top ten heavyweight mosque in the world one ah!!!!
see here.

p/s: correct me if I'm wrong with the dome coz if I'm wrong that's mean all the tour guide here also got the wrong info too

Is A Myth Or Fact?

I like their idea putting this little message on each of the table in food court and restaurants just to reminder the public how important and monitoring of what we eat.
I notice that is a message printed on little triangle thing really making me suspicious. It say there
"After a meal, why not take a 30 minutes walk before settling into your routine"
Which mean that they encourage people to walk for 30 minutes after meal right?
Ok... so I went to search in the Google and see whether is it true or not that take a walk after a meal is good for our health. Guess what... after I read it now I don't know which one I should believe with. 
Every one in the net are saying take a walk after meal is not good for our health coz in actual fact walking will cause the digestive system to be unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we intake (see here). But in the other hand according to researchers in the Department of Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, walking shortly after a meal is a highly effective way to burn energy. You are burning calories as well, so you are getting a double boost (see here).
Jialat lah like that... this one say like that..that one say like this so how oh??? sak sak lah me!!!
Say Good is from doctor... say not good also from the doctor. Cowboy Indians all they do one lah. 
Is there anyone can give a concrete proof telling that take a walk for 30 minutes after a meal is good for our health please!!!! 
Or this is only suitable for diabetes patients saja???? 

I Went Too And Bought This

Recently everyone was huhuhaha about this new open shop. Finally so many year and now we have one here in Brunei. But of coz it has a little bit late for me!!! If this is open 20 years earlier then I'm sure I happy like a jumping deer. Now I become uncle this place has no kick for me liao. Whatever is that still must go in see see look look one. The first thing I heard people's comment about this store mostly from their mouth was all about "Compare".... compare compare compare saja!!!
Compare with KL and Singapore one their are bigger lah...ani lah....atu lah....!!!
Aiyo... why have to compare leh bruther!!! This thing never get puas hati one bah!!! If you compare this with Singapore or Malaysia one... I'm sure this people haven't really see the REAL ToysRus one. To me KL and Singapore one are still small and Kacang man!!!
Check it out the Perth's one.... then you know what I talk about! You know how the football field looks like? ya that's the size of their store over there!
So don't compare.... all we want is to enjoy what we have here. 

So I went there last Sunday with my wife and daughter. Guess what... I also get me a toy too. I got myself a Stethoscope and my daughter got some baby doll bathing toys.
Hey bruther...don't play play this toy really works!!! I really can hear my daughter's hearth beat with this!
It's really awesome although it just a toy only cost 20 something! 
I been looking for this for long time, I even ever thinking to curi a real one from hospital last time hahah of coz I don't dare lah. The reason why I want this is because I want to play doctor games with my daughter, to make her used to it with clinic stuff. So when she get sick and visit clinic see doctor the time she won't takut!!! Seriously it works... before I buy this I already play with her with this game. Open mouth... check temperature, listen heart beat etc, now everytime went to T.K Chan there she never takut with the doctor at all.
So the next thing I looking for is the dental one so hope that next time she won't takut with that!!
I found that this is the best way to train our children not to takut the doctor or dentist!
try it... but of coz must put a lot of effort and time with it!

Fake Magic Mouse

Someone's Fake Magic Mouse

LOL..... this is nothing but fake!!! I love to see this kind of stuff selling in the market. 
Apple's produce what else haven't kana copycat lagi??? Now the Magic Mouse also got Fake one sudah... cool lah! If some one can make the Fake iTunes card or Fake Apple Care I wondering got people buy or not oh!!!! LOL

My real Magic Mouse

Business Marketing

This one sure got learn business marketing one!!! Like that also can think off where to selling car...steady steady!!! Do you watch the Astro channel 732 a program call Parking War? If this is Happen there guaranty+Warranty sure kana saman or tarek the car already!!!
Yesterday I went to Gadong and I saw this. Four used car are parked under the fly over next to the SCB there for sale. I wondering do there apply it and authorize to use that land or not! If don't have then suka suka hati also can so future whoever also can do that lah!!! Eventually sooner or later people also follow start selling Nasi Katok or Ayam Penyet there, Lorry driver also can park their lorry or trailer there too!!!
Hello that is government's properties... If everyone suka-suka hati to do that, siap lah my friends.

(update info 1.25pm 16-8-11 all cars are moved on that area already!!! )  

How To Use Or Is It No Use?

Do you have an iPhone? If don't have ask anyone of your friends who have one with this question!
"How to use the Alphabets under the number from 2 to 9????
The answer is No Way you can use it!!! Those are the things Apple put in there only for display; in the other hand just for good looking saja!!!
I'm using my iPhone almost got one year already, Last Saturday Night I just notice that at my friend's house. I trying many way to key out the alphabets one the screen. By using press and hold, double or triple tapping it also cannot! Yes the only thing I guess Apple make this only for nice looking saja. 
Unless you in other country which have those contact number come with words behind it one... like
1800-APPLE which mean  is 1800-27753 like that then you can use it lah!!!
But tell you true true one lah... this day many phone also cannot pakai like that too. Like those Nokia, HTC, Samsung phones their keypad also no more like that, unless you still use the old skool one no colors screen,no camera only can call, texting and LED touch light next to the on/off button...ah like that you still using this kind of keypad lah!


Check it out..... this is an iPod Touch not the iPhone but I also can make call like an iPhone too... cool!!!

Maybe this is not new to someone but it does a new info to me!! I didn't know it can like that. If my niece didn't show me I also don't know got like that. She put her iPod Touch into this casing that can slot in with sim card and turn into a phone... From some stage it does look like a right!!!
I forget to ask her how much is it... I guess more or less also need 2 hundred plus for that lah!
( updated info; is $230.00 plus jailbreak )
Not necessary must use the latest iPod Touce, 3 generation is the one my niece using.
Again this casing is made in China one of coz you also need to jailbreak the iPod too lah!!!

Side view with top cover opened, and the port for connector. 

Top view with cover opened

Back side... and you can see the sim card.

Original iPhone calling is like that!

iPodPhone call is like this!!

BBCNN Also Kalah!!!

Oh... come on.... close one eye also know what the hack the that on the microphone head lah... Why still got some bruther asking me what is that again!
Guys... that's a condom!!! Yes is a real condom!!! Why??? Ok the story is like that one... because the reporter coverage the typhoon passing by San Tou. He using the condom cover the microphone just to project the mic not to get wet.. Believe if or not.. that is a live broadcast on CCTV.   

Social Media Monkeys vs Dj Kaki

It was fun last night at the Kristal Fm studio when we having a recording. A special Hari Raya program sponsor by the OGH, is a quiz contest we social media vs the DJs. 
Don't play play.... me this kaki also got give some points for the team.... Not bad kan!!!
I'm not gonna tell you who win... btw if you want to know then remember listen to the radio on the 3rd day of Hari Raya Kistal FM!!! I guaranty plus warranty sure fun and happening!!!
Thanks for inviting me for this show and I hope to see you guys again next year!!! 

Our team got emmagoodegg,@BruneiTweet, Orchidrow, @Zulfadly and Me!!!
Photo taken by @livieish

I got prize also!!!

group photo

Kampong Parit.... Longkang

I just spotted this sticker stick on our home next to the front door, I think it had sticked there for some quite some time already but it just I didn't notice it. I was curious about the name of the Kampong written there. The place I stay is just in between the Kiarong and Tumasek on top the hill one very close to the Tumasek Shell Station. From the day one we stay here are call Champaka Park or Taman Champaka, a road sign also set and named by Jalan Champaka next on the simpang. More than 30 years already I stay here and many people also know this place and peoples also call here kampong champaka but today I just notice is no more by calling that!!! Why all of sudden we are Kampong Parit residents I also don't know! 
FYI Parit also knows as Longkang/Drain. I do a bit malu about this name... 
I posted in my facebook asking people about this; one of my friend told me there was a Kampong Paris but at some where deep deep in Kampong Mulaut... close to Kuala Lurah.
mmm... sound very interesting now with my kampong!!! FYI Champaka is some kind of flower but now has become Longkang sudah!!!! wu wu wu..T.T

When I Told My Wife...

Went to makan with my family last night at Gadong. After the dinner we walk to Hua Ho there and buy some thing. Be my wife is not an easy things, not only must take good care of my children but also have be prepare understand my joke when ever suddenly it comes. During the time we see see look look at the department store and suddenly I saw this........... ar........ metal.... ar.... Sorry I don't know how to call this a bowl I guess. Ok anyway I bring this to look for my wife and I told her and here are our conversation.
Me: Wife..... I want to buy this!!!
My Wife: Why??? What For???
Me: I wanna looking for Gold!
My Wife: T.T Speechless......
Then she walk away and ignore me!!!
Sometime couple need joke to sustainable the relationship but for my case I guess my wife start getting blur with my practical joke.....mmmm is time for me to give her some easy or stage 1 joke.  

My Favorite Honey Butter Toast@Babu's Kitchen

Yeah..I know I know... I very bad... I'm making some people feel hungry sorry if you are in fasting.
But I really want to share this my favorite at Babu's Kitchen. Every time I makan here sure guaranty order this Honey Butter Toast. I had try other cafe and coffee shop but still this one here are my favorite.
I'm sure people who live or work at Bandar guaranties know where is this Babu's Kitchen one it just behind the SCB is very easy to find one lah.
Not only I like to eat, my daughter also like it too.... every time when I makan there sure tapao one for my daughter.
Tea Tarek and Honey Butter is a must for me when I eat there and then I'll order another one main course. Either their Kuching Laksa or the Big Prawn Noodle. Too bad today they don't serve it so the waitress introduce me their Vietnam Mee.
I never try it and this is my first time. Again I was impress by their foods lagi. Ok I'm gonna put this dishes in my list. Maybe next time I shall try with their rice not with the noodles... Rice I think is much better then noodles because of the sauce. 
FYI during the Ramadhan month now they also have opened until Sungkai and 10% discounts during that time. Their hotline-222-1323