Yo What's Up BRUTHER!!!!!!

Just incase you don't understand what I talk talk in the video... subtitle are typed in below the video.

Last night all of sudden I came out this word 
So what does it mean??? Actually is same meaning by "Brother or Bro" as what this day people address their male buddies, friends, relatives, classmates and even to a strangers.
For me some time I called my friends "Brother" either I ask for Help or I don't remember their Name. 
True... is true.... I have a very bad Rams or Memory Cards in my brain to remember people's name one especially to my Malays friends ( Sorry about that ) so I called them Hey... Brother!!!!!! like that.
I also don't know why I'm like that hardly to remember people's name one, Dulu I'm not like that one you know.... I think is because after I had an accident before kana knock on my head so become like that liao.
Ok so Back to the "Bruther" things lah. Why I had this words come out.. Ok "Bru" you know lah is short cut of Brunei right? "Ther" is the last cut of Brother... So Bru+Ther = Brunei's Brother!!!
So now you get it??? Ok then start for today I'm gonna use this new words to address my old friends, new friends or justed friends. I know you name or don't your name also call that... even you next time see me also can call me that