White Ribbons

Few days ago I went for hi-tea with my family at Empire hotel and when I came out from the basement car park I heard an old Hong Kong lady tourism asked the tour guide "Is it the hotel here having a funeral ceremony?" When I heard the lady question I also sak sak.... How can this happen here!! I also never see this kind of thing happen here. Lupanya she saw a wedding car parked at aside that she thought is a funeral car!!! 
Ok why she thought that's a funeral car is because normally all the chinese people worldwide use White Cloths or White Ribbon to hang on top the house door or car to symbolist that they have someone who pass away in their family. In chinese culture they call this as PAI SHI/白事/White Business. So I'm not surprise that the old lady asking that question to the tour guide. 
Back to few years ago normally I see my malay friends wedding they only use a small pink or purpel ribbon put on the car front grill and the door but never see like this big white ribbon to put on their car, don't know why all of sudden this idea pop out and put on there. I think maybe is because of white color it give people thinking of is Pure and Romantic so people like to use it for decoration. So anyway.... it just only a colors; as long as you don't have any Pantang/Superstitious... Black ka.. Grey ka  also can use for wedding too one lah. Yang penting is Happy lah!!!
Frankly speaking... I prefer Orange and Pink to deco it and 2 little teddy bears with flowers in front the car!!! Sweet......!!!