Have you ever heard about this SocialDeal? What is it all about? I'm sure you like me also; blur blur to hear this thing but I just spend few minutes to see see look look their website and now I fully understand of what it all about and I think this is really an awesome idea to have in town.
So come follow me and let me tell you what is this SocialDeal.

Ok Basically this is a website which can give us a good deal (once a new deal in every week) which mean that we don't have to spend the "Original Price" to buy it. But it need a certain amount of people and time to get the deal...
Still don't get it???
Simple..... Just look at this deal below. Is a Hair Wash and Blow(for lady only) at the Wenawave Hair & Beauty Saloon, Normal price is $10.00 but buy with SocialDeal here only cost $3.00.
But it need 50 people to buy this deal. At the moment now already 47 had bough this deal and need 3 more to unlock it. Once is unlock it can have this deal until the end of the time it show there, which mean now only left 4 days 16 hours 47 mins 17 sec.
Of coz if there is no enough people to buy this deal it will No jadi for it lah......

Now look at this deal; Milk Tea with any choice pearl,Q-jelly Nata de coco or any other drinks below $1.80. It only cost $1.00 after 44.4% off at the Teabox Cafe The Mall Brach. Too bad this deal has already closed coz the time is out liao lah but don't worry SocialDeal has coming more awesome deal to serve you!!!

Of coz not necessary must be 80 people to buy the deal one lah.. coz one buyer can buy many as they like one. Example this Nasi Ayam Kunyit if you want you can tapao 5 packet or dine in there also can coz it only counted as how many already buy not people already buy lo!! But if is "One Buyer Only For One" Their will show in the post too!!!
Got it???? Now you understand how it works sudah kan??? And I'm sure you thinking how to buy it right? Simple... Just register it and is free and no any hidden charge there. Just sign in and click what you want to buy, using Paypal and Credit card saja.... As easy as ABC. Once you buy the deal and is Unlocked you will received an E-coupon through you email. Just print out the coupon and show to the shop and get your deal lah!!! Simple kan????
For more detail to know how to buy just click here.... True true one is very simple. For No Credit Card and No Paypal user... No problem one lah!!!
You also can use the"Wallet" to pay too. To top up the credit via cash deposit or bank transfer also can. Once you have your "Wallet" credit and just use that to pay it!!
Simple kan?
What if you buy already but didn't enough hit to unlocked it how? Don't worry SocialDeal automatic return your credit to your account.
One thing good about this SocialDeal is you also can suggest them of what deal you dream to have it long time already. Example holiday trip kah... gadget kah... click here to let them know.
So if you need help or wanna talk to them? Call this +673 2427021 ( Mon-Sat 9am-6pm) Or write to them 
Guys let SocialDeal and don't forget to Like their FB Fan page and share with your friend and follow their twitter  too
So let's SocialDeal today now!!!